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Hd 2600 Xt


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I'm wondering what the difference between a 7600GT and a HD 2600 XT would be. I'm trying to decide to upgrade to the 2600 XT, or wait for a new round of mainstream cards to see if there is a bump in performance for this segment. I don't game on my pc enough to jump to the 8800 series even if they are getting low in price. I was hoping for another 6600GT or 7600GT jump in mainstream performance but it seems like the 8600 GTS or GT and HD 2600 XT have been quite disappointing


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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that's promising to hear. I just want a well rounded graphics card but I like to make jumps in performance...I don't want to move to laterally.
For midrange:
8600GT for $164 if you want DX 10.
Poor second choice is 1950 XT for $200 if DX10 is a don't care.

If you want midrange ATI DX10 try a trip to England. The 2600 XT is supposed to be on sale there now with a little better performance than the 8600 GT at a little lower price. If you're into multimedia the 2600XT has good built in video decoders. Power consumption is very low for the speed. Check the following for the benchies:


BUT, there are still some driver issues with the catalysts on the 2600 XT. Should be a very interesting DX10 card for the money when the drivers are stable and it's really in the USA stores. But it still doesn't represent a significant improvement over my 2 year old X800XL...

The 2400 XT is still vaporware.
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/me wonders what leejend is talking about?

2900XT meets or beats 640mb 8800 GTS performance. I'd be interested in seeing benchmarks of it now with the 7.6 drivers. I'd run 3dmark 06 myself if it didn't crash on load :p


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here is a link I found that shows some pretty good performance numbers for mainstream cards compared to some of the last generation cards.

this is perfect for me because I'm going from a 7600GT to something higher...keeps my mind on a 8600GTS or waiting for a 8800GTS to fall a lower or something in the 175-225 range.

Another link for higher end...not sure about the drivers used like LA talked about earlier but thought I'd post this as well
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