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Hax0r Dialogs.



What intrests me most about shell32.dll, is the Dialogs. In here you can modify the dialog boxes of windows! For example, if your moving a large number of files across your network, say on a ten base network like i have... that Transfer status dialog is damn annoying its so big... but with reshack, you should be able to go in , make taht stupid animation invisible, move the status bar, button, and status text up to where the animation was. Resize the window, and its super thin now! it would easily sit out of the way, much better than it did before anyway. I saw dialogs for the run box and all kinds...i dont suggest changing anything though, unless you understand the script for dialogs... but hey, have a look if you want :)


used to do it with ICQ shortly after AOL took it over.. fixed alot of ads that way :). Im gonna mess with it see what kinda mod i can come up with, i dont really know. But im also thinking of a new skin idea for xp, which i may get my GF to help me with, as shes an artistic type... so, we will see how that comes out to...if it ever happens.

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All good still mate?
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