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Having troubles with wireless



I have a wireless netowrk between three of my computers. Only one of them was turned on untill now. This afternoon that computer's connection was perfect, I leave for two hours, come back to do a little work but when i go to browse i got no connection. I turn on this comp to see if it's the provider who's not providing, or in fact it's that comp... since I'm writing this you can figure out it worked on this comp. But... I still have a connection between the two computers. All the physical stuff seems cool and my settings don't seem any different... so I'm kinda at a loss as to why I'm getting no Inet. This isn't the kinda problem that anyone can really give a precise answer (though if you can go ahead lol), I'm kinda wondering how I can go about finding out the exact problem.


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it depends on your setup... if you have an access point (or a hub that also has a built in wireless access point), make sure that the modem is hooked thru. the input of the hub (if it's a access point, use the CAT5 cable and put it in any port of the hub and make sure that the modem is in the input of the hub)... if that's the way it's set up... also make sure that you have DHCP on (I found that the way to get them on and stay on for a while).

if you have it so that the modem is connected into one system and the wireless is all USB, then the computer that's directly connected to the internet needs to stay on.

well... that's all I know about networking -_-'


The first thing that I would do is assign a static address for each computer. Allowing the DHCP in the router to make the assignments has caused me problems in the past. Then I would power down all of equipment (router,computer 1 and 2) and let it set for 5 to 10 minutes. Turn on the equipment starting with the router.

This all may sound a little bazaar but it works for me....




gave the comp with probs static IP and turned off everything and unpluged, turned all on and works fine once again.


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