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Having Probs w/ SONY DRX-710UL


OSNN One Post Wonder
I just got this DVD burner. Having problems getting a DVD to play. I updated the NERO software with all the uppadtes at that website. At first the DVD wouldn't play at all. Now it will play but starts and stops, choppy may describe the condition. It plays 1 second of movie while the sound plays then skips ahead to catch up with sound then plays one more second of movie all while paused for about 2 seconds. Can anyone suggest some ideas?
Clean the DVD and make sure it isn't scratched. Is the DVD a commercial press or home burned?

If it's commercial, cleaned and scratch free return the burner.

If it's a home burn see if it will play in the bruner it was made with. And try a commercial DVD in the Sony. If a commercial DVD won't play return the Sony.


OSNN One Post Wonder
The DVD is a commercial DVD. I guess I should have explained a little more. The DVD wouldn't play at all before I updated the NEro software. I was having Direct Draw problems before the updates. Now, I have the start stop/choppy problem. I really think it has something to do with my settings. I do not understand the run speeds of the DVD player and all those type of things. I was looking for some suggestions to that effect??
Even the OEM version of nero that comes bundled with drives should automatically play any commercial DVD inserted. It's not settings. Itis the hardware or the device drivers.

Go to add/remove programs. Uninstall nero.
Go to Device Manager and uninstall the new burner.

Reboot. There should be a notice that new hardware is found / being installed. Now follow the prompts. It may tell you to reboot again.

Now reinstall Nero.

If the playback is still choppy its RMA time.

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