Having intermittent issues with online access with Vista


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6 Jan 2004
Ok, this is a bit long but here goes. I have online issues since I upgraded to Vista Ultimate. What happens is that I would be surfing the net, and all of a sudden it just stops. The other computers that are on the same router are fine and continue to work while mine is stalled. I can reset the modem to fix it, but it always does this, many times a day. I just put in a new modem, and the same thing happens. I bypass the router and the same thing happens. This is the only computer on Vista, and I'm not all that familiar with fixing the online issues. I have tired everything I know. It's also not a ISP issue, went though that too. It's just this computer, and it does it all the time. The cables have also been switched out. I'm running Norton 360 in case someone knows a trick with that.

Thanks in advance.
Get rid of Norton. But first try this. When you are booted from the net try MSN or SKYPE and see if you can still access the net if so i'll bet its norton thats doing it.
Get rid of Norton. But first try this. When you are booted from the net try MSN or SKYPE and see if you can still access the net if so i'll bet its norton thats doing it.

I can still access both as well as my e-mail. Somehow my port is clogged or something weird is going on. You think Norton could be doing this?
If possible and you have the installation disk, i would uninstall Norton and give it a try and if it makes no difference install AVG instead.
I have the same intermittent problem with Ultimate version which I put down to Comodo firewall learning issues ........ but when I turned it off , it still occurred.
I have had the line extensively checked and no errors there or with ISP.
Only use Avast a/v so no Norton problem
sorry now chaps but i have to chip in here and say that norton 360 is a VAST improvement over its predecessors in xp. i still use 360 in xp because i can get over the "ccApp.exe" issue that happens when i shut down.
now, you say you upgraded to vista, does this mean you were using xp/360 combo before this happened? and you say that yours in the only pc using vista, and the others are ok, and the router seems ok.
then you say you've changed the modem, which suggests you've tried using dial-up unsuccessfully.
another poster has also confirmed that other programs make no difference, and comodo which i also tried had too many pop-ups for my liking anyway!
have you installed the latest updates from windows update or tried installing the latest drivers for your adapter card? i presume you're using wires to connect to your router.

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