Having 2 10,000 RPM drives in a RAID 0


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24 Mar 2002
Holy Jeez!!! This is great :D
New Build for yourself? Work machine?

Post some benchmarks please :D
It is my same old build (built it last year) with a little sugar thrown on it now.

What do you suggest that I use for benchmarks?
I'll give HDtach a whirl when I get home
Brad, I assume two Raptor X's? They are solid drives.
yessir. I don't know how much the speed is the new XP install though, so I will have to keep testing.
I am very happy with my Raptor X RAID 0 configuration. I can't wait to see how Vista performs on it (I need better driver support first).
I plan on waiting a long time before upgrading to Vista. I had a lot of problems in games and stuff and am kind of hesitant to upgrade.
yeh you will be running faster with a new install, im going through that at the mo as windows has only been on 5 days now.
would like to see benchmarks tho as a m8 has 1 raptor and is toying with the idea of 2 in raid 0 as he has fubard his new install already
I was looking into dual raptors, i decided not till i build a completely new machine.
glad i only spent £100 on my 2 maxtor drives, i just got 120mb/s on mine :)

not bad for 2 maxtors. i thought you would have scored higher than me but i assume the motherboards holding the raid back ?
that's what it looks like. I will have to look into getting a dedicated RAID controller.

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