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Have you got AMD or Intel CPU

Electronic Punk

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Got an Athlon 600 (old!) in my machine up north, this machine has a thunderbird 1.4 gig in it and I have sat next to me a XP 1700+

AMD all the way!
after reading several articles about intel's dirty little secret, i am an avid amd fan...and always will be!

intel uses burst technology, allowing their chips to operate at fast speeds, but only when needed. playing quake 3? then your intel chip is probably blazing away. using ms word and surfing the net? then your intel chip is probably operating far below it's capability.

personally, i want my chip to operate at the expected frequency at all times!

Electronic Punk

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I never knew that, I have just always reckoned that they are better value for money, I also checked out the benchmarks on Tomshardware.com and sometimes the XP 1800+ can outcompete the PIV 2000, especially under more pressure during games at higher resolutions...


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Amd Thunderbird 1400 here too. Only Intel before this, but since AMD's are cheap and fast I go for those from now on. Temperature doesn't matter :D


I have never owned an intel... went from
Athlon 700
Thunderbird 1333
in a week Athlon XP 1900+ (Whenever i can find a friggen Asus a7v333 motherboard for sale)
Wait im mistaken i had a 486 33mhs IBM PS1 lol


Have you got an amdor intel.

Still got my old P2 450 next to me. But now using AMD T/bird 1Ghz with no probs as yet.
GOD, I wish I hadn`t said that. :eek: :eek:
AMD !!

Athlon XP 1800+


It is overclocked (Without breaking a sweat) to the equiv. of an Athlon XP 1900+ (With alot more room to play:D )

My temp Never goes over 40 C. cause I am Using the FANTASTIC new Thermalrite AX7. (Talk about quiet--my vid fan is the loudest thing on my system)
Lovin life :D
Thunderbird 1.2G here, and lovin' every minute of it. I started life with a Motorola 3068 (or was it 30068 or 6038 or 6068 or...................... anyway it was an ATARI battle cruiser.........I mean STe with a WHOLE 4Megs RAM..WOW!!!!!

Those were the days. AAaagh

LOL TOK:cool:


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pentium 3 500

yeah, i have a pentium 3 500mhz. but that might change. i figure i'll have plent of spare time this summer, and so i'm planning on building a new one (b/c its much cheaper, right?). and i'll probably go with intel, but i'll just check and see who has the fastest processor when i get to building it

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I have an Intel P/// 650E OC'ed @911Mhz for a year up to now and I must say I'm happy with it as I can run any game I want between 1280 and 1600 res. very smoothly !

OK, I admit I'd like a faster cpu (a real P/// 900Mhz, OC'ed afterwards, or a 1Ghz also to be OC'ed...), but I own a very good Slot1 mobo (for a little more than 1 year also, before I installed the 650@911 thing) and want to keep it as long as possible (because of money of course) !



AMD T-Bird 1,333 and there's no way that I'll ever have an Intel in my computer. Sorry for Intel but they will need to get more Intel ligent......

Bye..... ;)


not many intel votes guys :)

At work we use Intel in the servers and in the workstations AMD .. they are both good

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