Have to underclock CPU in order

to install and run Vista 64. If I'm default my system locks up right when you see the "Green Load Bar/Microsoft Corporation" you can barely see it but thats where it locks. If I downclock and run Intelburn it fails. Test ram with memtest and no errors and test the same ram on other computer and no errors. Does with 4 sticks of ram or one.. went through them individually.

Everything works fine in 32 bit. Passes INtelburn.

Everything at Default I dont' overclock
Gigabyte 750F-DS4
AMD 9850
OCZ Reaper 4 x 1gb (1066)
X-Fi Titanium
Powercolor 4870
Sapphire 4870
I have a similar issue :(

though in my case the pc will crash once and be fine the rest of the time until I turn it off next.

I had thought it was mismatched memory timings but since it has been doing it with one set of ram removed I'm mystified as to what it could be.

So far I've come up with intermittant ram fault that software testers aren't showing, or a cracked solder/circuit pathway on the mainboard that only makes proper contact when warm.

I suspect the same may be true for you.

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