Have I fried it???


I'm trying
I just built the system below after much ram frustration
and everything was good . 3d marks tested and burned well, kids games ran well.
Soooo time to mess with some overclocking.
1. reduce multiplier and increase fsb to 166
2. all good
3. reduce again to 10x and increase fsb to 200
4. increase voltage 3%
5. WHAM!!!!!!!
6. NO video at all i.e. no POST
7. reset CMOS
8. NFG
9. Try different video card
10. NFG
11. Try different ram
12. NFG
13. Try the ram and video card in different comp
14. AOK
Have I toasted the mobo
Also the little green LED does light up on the mobo and all drives power up
Any info, good, bad or ugly


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perhaps your cpu is now a very expensive lump of useless silicon now :)

there are inherent risks to oc'ing... I spose you found that out the hard way...

reseting cmos should have worked IMO.. since this is not doing anything... there is probably something fried..

did you see or smell anything burn when you kicked the fsb that high ?

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found this sounds like it will sovve it

8X CPU support status

Problem When I installed a Duron processor on A7N8X, the system can't boot normally. Why?
Answer The default setting for FSB is set to 333/266MHz on A7N8X. Thus, if you use Duron or Athlon (200MHz FSB) CPU on A7N8X, you will need to set the "CPU_FSB" jumper to 2-3 for
allowing FSB to work at 200MHz.


hopefully u didnt fry the nb/mobo:(

as far as that cpu fsb jumper....maybe...removed my jclk jumper completely and it reset fsb to 100

runnin it now at 190 stable...was runnin it at 190 jumpered as well..pushed it too high and decided to try it after clearin cmos.......


I'm trying
Well I guess the bios is NFG
I installed a new battery, duron processor and set the jumper to 200.
Still same result.
Any ideas how long for Asus to send new bios chip?


I'm trying
Okay while I am hassling with Asus
I plan to put my old gigabyte board back in the box with 512 ddr 2100 ram. The only other diff would be a network PCI card.
Will xp pro accept this or do I have to reinstall?
I am not worried about activation


Most likely you will have to reinstall, but if it's only temporary, just do a repair install and you should be good for a while. But normally when you switch motherboards and clean install is recommended


I'm trying
New mobo installed, old one rma
I guess the other comp gets upgrade when it returns.
A couple of notes
1- Asus tech support - no support or returned e-mails
2- Always test your battery
3- Never save and exit with this board (F10)
4- Be very careful going over 200 fsb with this board
5- Get a bios saver or an extra chip

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