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have computer start up by itself?


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I know my mobo has a bios setting to power on at a schedule, can also power on by hitting any button on my keyboard. it is an XFX NF2S-ALH. This is a nifty feature, but overall I would not sugest this motherboard to anyone that I don't hate, and I don't know you that well yet ;)

It is quirky, and really, IMNSHO, not worth the money. I hope to get something differant somewhere along the line.

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Yeah, have a look in your BIOS for something like that, I know it's not really what you want, but my server has this thing where if the power goes, as soon as it comes back the server turns on automatically.
You could try Wake on Lan too, if you have a network.

Other than that, a piece of software can't do it, as everything is erased from the RAM when the computer is shut down.


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hmmm...there is nothin in the bios and i dont use a network.
I could set a timer and then a poll or somethin pushes the button in...


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hmmm, if you were really good with electronics you could build a timer device and connect it your power button, but just out of curiosity, if you don't have a network, why do you need the puter on if you're not there?


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what is your mobo? Most modern ones do have BIOS options - look for something like "Power Options" - I know my ASUS has it. Anyway, if there isn't one there for powering up on a schedule there might still be something to enable turning on after a power failure.

Now if you have that you can do it, because you could just get a mains power plug with a timer, set it for the times you want computer on or off - then it will cut the power and when the power comes back the computer will boot again.

Sound like you are actually after a remote admin option to power up the machine - this can be done if the BIOS supportspower up on PCI Modem or somesuch - but really you need to look into what you mobo can do. If you have the requirement I should go for a machine with a mobo that supports it - it is not very "kind" on a machine to go cutting and resupplying power like that!

Oh and I should forget about trying to make machinery that pushed the button :) Might as well spend the money on the right mobo!

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Yeah, mine will wake on a schedule or at the press of a key, fairly standard feature these days.

I have been running lab tests on Wake-on-lan as well, as well as DRAC which are on Dell Power Edge servers, needs it's own ethernet connection, but is active all the time.
Cool to think I can turn on a PC that is off from over 400 miles away :)


TittleBitties said:
hey...i was wondering if there is a program that can turn the computer on?
goto hardware store, get a timer switch, set it to what time you want system to come on, plug in plug to switch, when you finish leave off /on depressed so that as soon as power comes from switch at selcted time it boots up.

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