have an old labtop

hi i think i have a 100mhz or 133mhz pentium labtop. does any1 know any games that can run on it besides heartz and solitare and what not...

and do yo uthink even if a game requires 166/233mhz or something is there a way i can still play it?????


I may actually be insane.
Quake1 requires something like a 66mhz cpu and 8mb of memory
Quake2 requires 90mhz and 16mb
I only remember these because i remember playing them on my 486 :)

But it would make a nice Slackware or FreeBSD machine, Old machines always do :)


I may actually be insane.
More 486 memories, I remember when we had a family computer, and it was in the kitchen (damn our old house was strange :p ) and i played Doom2 right the way through :D
Can't say I ever played need for speed on it tho.
As for linux...FreeBSD...better :p

Nick M

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Man, doom is awsome.

Speaking of, I have a really, really large archive of DOS games, old school, really. If anyone wants it, give me a PM :)

It's not warez! ;)
wait i know linux is a operating system, but what really is it? how does it load, how does it look like, whats its compatibilities. i tried searchign on google but you guys are better at explaining;)
lol what i meant is i know all games can't be played on linux. so what good games can be supported on the os. and if you could, send me a link or pics of the screenshot of the desktop of linux. i want to see if it has a start bar and stuf.
i don't think i can download linux on my laptop b/c it requires 64mb of ram and i don't think i have that much on the laptop. i think i have 32 but i will check anway soon.


I may actually be insane.
I mean any reason for wanting SuSe ?
the reason i ask is because its one of few distro's that actually aren't free, and i highly doubt 8.1 would run on the laptop you have.

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