Hauppauge WinTV GO TV Tuner Card


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18 Oct 2002
anyone else use this TV Carrd? i am thinking about buying it but not sure if its right for me... with this card will i be able to view clear display in full screen(1024x768)???

i have a geforce 4 running at 1024x768

will i get high resolution clear display from this card?.

The WinTV GO brings live TV to your PC screen. With WinTV GO's 125-channel ready TV receiver, you can watch TV in a resizeable window or full screen.
But that's not all!!

With WinTV GO you can:

Watch TV in a resizeable window on your PC screen. While watching TV, WinTV GO takes up no system resources, so you can surf the net without any loss of performance View advanced Teletext pages, use DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) to export to spread sheets Connect external Video Devices such as, DVD player, Camcorder Etc... Capture high quality still video images, up to 1600x1200 pixels in BMP, TIF, and JPEG formats Create Microsoft AVI movies Use Soft PVR to schedule recordings

WinTV GO is a new low cost WinTV PCI card that brings TV and the functions of professional Teletext which include DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) which allows you to update information via teletext into spreadsheets, frame and AVI & MPEG1 video capture to your PC, . The Go is ideal for capturing your favourite clips via the composite video in, also connect , VCR, DVD or Camcorder. You can schedule your favourite program whilst you are out using the Soft PVR scheduler program.

WinTV GO includes:

125 channel ready TV tuner
Composite input to connect to VCR or camcorders
Professional Teletext with DDE
Capture AVI or MPEG1 video
Capture stills in BMP, JPG. TIFF
Included with WinTV GO:

WinTV-GO with 125 channel ready TV tuner (mono audio)
audio cable for connecting to sound card
WinTV-GO Installation CD-ROM with: WinTV 32 application, WinTV2000 application, WinTV SnapShot, AVI capture program.

System Requirements:

Pentium® processor 90MHz or faster
Windows® 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP
Free PCI slot
Sound card
Graphics card (PCI or AGP) with Direct Draw support

no ick i have that tv card and im about to throw it out get the ati tv wonder its a $hi7l04d better
I had that card and I think it might be around the same as the ati tv wonder majin/forcer

I would recommend you give the LEADTEK tv tuner a look/see... the deluxe one costs about as much as the hauppage you have listed forcer plus it has FM stereo connection and it also has an IR remote control... :)

Image Quality should be about the same as well...
I have the WIN TV tuner card and find it reasonable but a bit blurry on full screen mode, I also run it at 1024x768 but not on a crt screen. I have connected mine to the outside roof areal and I think a lot depends on the signal you get. If your tv gets a good reception then you should get a good picture.

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