Has Intel lost IT?

yah this sin't really news.... Intel is leasing 64bit tech from AMD because they dont want to develop there own. it would put them way behind AMD if they did. But this isn't anything new with those two companys AMD leased some tech back in the k6-II and K6-III days from intel. course those things where crap but well... all intel stuff is crap! haha kidding! trolls go else where.
Well, I've heard rumours that Intel are planning to revert back to the PIII technology for their future Pentium-M processors instead of the P4 one.
Getting a bit confused about it coz the current Pentium-M's are already energy efficient and run much faster than P4s at equivalent specs.
I'm not surprised that Intel is using AMD's 64bit tech as I bet its included in one of the many cross license deals between AMD and Intel
I was under the impression that the first generation K7 (slot A) was AMD and Intel's last collaboration. Then it all became a race of who could get to which speed mark first.
I read back when AMD was still working on the x86-64 that they had extended a cross license deal though if I remember right what the deal allowed companies access to was not released
I don't really favor any one company over the other, and I think each one has its strengths. If I were to build a desktop given the current options available, it would be an Athlon64 (in fact, I'll probably be putting one together for my brother in the coming months). On the other hand, Intel still rules the mobile market as far as I'm concerned. The Dothans are exceptional little things, and Sonoma is going to make mobile systems even more appealing.

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