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Has Firefox 1.0 met it's match?


Overclocked Like A Mother
It has no inhertent download manager,

But that is just a regedit anyways for IE to increase MaxDownloads.

It uses MSN search, but I think that could be changed with another regedit so that it defaults to google.

Nuh. The way I see it Firefox is going to be at the top for quite a while without any real competition aside from itself.

Perris Calderon

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oops...some great posts and great discussion from j79 and netryder got lost in a roll back.

good stuff...I'm gonna see if I have those pages in my tem files.


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It dosent look that great. It's pretty much another IE, and Firefox is the best, with good style, extensions, search engines, download manager, and much more. I can't understand people who say anything else is better or as good. Firefox is number 1!!
you're not going to kill off firefox with an IE Wrapper...

I freaking wish people would stop making "yet another IE Wrapper" and calling it a browser and then having the gall to claim it'll beat firefox, mozilla, opera, whatever.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Lord of LA,

It is not a rant, but actual fact what you said. Just because it has window dressings on it, it is stil lIE, and therefore it is never gonna kill off FireFox.


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