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Has anyone seen this before?

A weird thing happened to me last night and despite searching the Net etc. I can't find any reference. Have any of you seen this or heard what it is. When I opened up IE I got a Windows message box that said
" Your hard drive has been configured for reformatting. Next time You start this computer you will have to reinstall the operating system" It had an OK button which you had to press.
As you can perhaps imagine when it first popped up I almost $h@t myself. Did a full system virus scan & nothing was found. I had to go out then but when I came back 2hrs later & opened IE again the box didn't appear. I also restarted my system and it came up so, obviously, no damage has been done so it was probably a hoax/joke but I just wanted to know what it was

Thanks in advance
I just had an add that looked VERY simular to an IE error window popup and claim that my IP address was being read by other computers warning me to protect myself (there was another add sitting in the background with a link to d/l security software) with only an "ok" button to continue. I just alt-f4'ed the add...You Probably had almost the same thing I had; another annoying add designed to look legit.

Ha Ha. This is what the problem was Register
Think they were hacked and they are covering their a$$es or would one of their employees really be stupid enough to actually do this?


pardon my lame commentz...but i have too

lb is having "one of those days" when you "gotta have faith" in "my generation" lol

lame i know....

but necessary

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