Has anyone realised that Tuesday is 666 day?


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I was looking at my instructions for a barium dye test and noticed the date written out as 6-6-6. Now I'm really scared. :crosseyed:


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I play beer league softball and we play our division rivals on Tuesday. Funny how that worked out. All sorts of bets going on.


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Yep, that is why it is coming up that day. It is pretty freaky, we will have to see what happens. I bet there will be a lot of things to right about after that day ..


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Graduation for my school is on 666 lol

I hate when people make a big deal about some stupid day that goes along with stupid ****.

O well

We'll see what happends I guess


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Would have been worse if it was Friday the 13th, wait, that's not possible :dead:


Nick M

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A load of bull - if we didn't count something regarding how long Jesus lived and A.D. , wouldn't it be like 1980 now or sumthin :p

It's not a good number and I don't like the commercial stint they pulled with that movie...but it's 6/6/2006 or 6/6/06 not 6/6/6...and yet I hear mothers world-wide are having C sections like crazy :D


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In the year 2000 a lot of chinese women were giving birth in a lunar cycle. The year of the Golden Dragon, every 60 years is a golden one and this being a year of teh dragon makde it extra special.

The Moral of this story, my wife now has a golden dragon encircled by jade to celebrate the birth of my son.

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