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Has anyone had this problem?

After installing the nvidia 77.72 drivers i get a problem. All video files i play wether it is in WMP or VLC player, i get a fuzzy image. I first thought it was codecs, so after a few hours of tearing out hair i reinstalled windows. installed my codecs and everything worked fine. I then installed the nvidia drivers and other stuff. I then tried playing the movie files again and all my movies were fuzzy and messed up. I reinstalled older drivers from nvidia, and the problem was gone. So my question is:

Has anyone else had any problems with the 77.72 nvidia drivers?


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Exactly same problem here. The drivers supplied with my NVidia card work fine. Latest drivers aren't always a 'must have'. If the ones you have do the job stick with them.That's true of all device drivers -- newer doesn't necessarily mean better.
I was having similar issues after I install the 77.72 drivers running my Gefore 6600 and went back to the 66.93 drivers. I had been having some sluggishness with FarCry. In the description at Guru3D it doesn't give much of a description here except the 77.72 provide support for GeForce 7800 GTX and GeForce 6200 AGP.


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Did you toy with your hardware acceleration?

Go To Start -> Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot

On some machines with onboard video that don't use it, I turn this down entirely anyways just for better performance. These are for people who do basic e-mail and web surfing. Since you are a gamer, obviously that is not an option. If you can't get a reliable setting, just stick with the 2nd most-recent driver.

Was the image fuzzy on the video files as well as the rest of your screen (like the desktop or web) when the files were playing?

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zeke_mo said:
Just turn down the saturation in the control panel!!!!!
Easier than that, just select global settings in colour and select apply. MY colours is PowerDVD were mad before, I am having other video issues... but this release came out at the same time as Purevideo so it is obvious that they have been playing around with that side of things


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Yeah, in the drop down menu for "Apply color changed to" you can just put it on all and it will work. What was nvidia thinking :p

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