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Harley Davidson Sig


Beware the G-Man
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Nice bike... I use to have an old 1967 XLCH Sporty. :)

Just somethin I threw together on my brake at work... very simple.:)
gonaads - did I ever tell you you rule? :D
I love my bike, just entry level, nothing compared to my dads old 1942, but its nice and does the job perfectly for me, at the tender age of 17 hey? ;)


Beware the G-Man
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Yer dad had a '42? Daaaaaaaamn. That was the "K" model wasn't it?

Shiiit I was raised with Harley's. My dad had the '67 Sportster a '69 shovel and a '72 sportty.
Yep yep, '42 with a 1200 engine. That was when he rode with the Hells Angels in Southwest Africa (now Namibia). That bike was a monster, towed a car up a hill once, but eventually he sold it - kept snapping chains, a few of his friends were killed in bike accidents etc.

*drools* Shovel like this one?


Beware the G-Man
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Kinda sorta buuut not exactly. The front forks were not the "springer" style like in the pic. They were more the standard type but they were... *trying to remember* 6 inches longer than stock. The frame was like the one in the pic but the neck was "raked" a few degrees and the tank was a bit longer and bigger and the bike was Rootbeer in color. The seat was similar but didn't go that far back and it had a passenger seat, well it was more like a pad. :p About 8 inches long and about 4 inches wide. Raised at both ends. Oh and they were brown with some stitching. Pipes were chromed and had "shorty" style mufflers.

I have a pic somewhere around... I'll see if I can find it. :)


Beware the G-Man
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We use to live around the corner from a guy that was a Hells Angel here in S.F. His mom was our neighbor. He actually became the Prez of the San Francisco chapter. He also started the Motorcycle shop "Frisco Choppers"... What was his name...??? Oh yeah Gary, Gary something... I don't remember his last name. My dad would always be chattin it up with him and some other "Angels" that use to visit Gary. We would always go and buy parts at his shop. The shop is still in business, but he doesn't own it anymore.
6 inches longer than stock... he chopped it?
/me wants piccy :D
Well now, someone else can act as a testament when people claim the Angels are a bunch of freeloading thugs - by no means are they!

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