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Harley Davidson Firefox theme preview

......you've been riding the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY for days now. The wind from your fans are blowing your hair back and there's grit on your teeth from last night's supper. Things to avoid - Hijackers, spyware,, pop-ups and potholes. But you're ok with that. You're secure. Your ride of choice? The Harley Davidson Firefox web browser

(of course I can't use the name - that's one legal department I would not want to mess with) - icons inspired by but unrelated to Swizcore Studio's Jet Black.

Blue Flame theme in the works as well........

Theme available at my site now.


1. need better flame background
2. properties dialog, other dialog, options panel - some black on black text
2. need to make bookmark manager icons

Maybe some of you can help me to fix the bugs.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Im having problems installing HD

I goto install HD theme, the progress bar completes. Then the HD theme icon is in the theme box for a split second b4 it dissapears. ive manually downloaded and dragged it into the theme box even. Ive tried everything I can think of.

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