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will go ahead and add some parts to this and the benchmarks section as they were there before... the regulars are requested to submit ideas for threads they believe should be stickied or posted for dicussion or go ahead and start some threads that are likely to help people... :)

I will post benchmarking section stickies tomorrow evening after uni since this is the first week of classes and its hectic @ the moment... plus my birthday this weekend so plans for that and what not..

anyways I will take a couple of hours tomorrow to fix things up a little...

please reply to this thread with ideas on topics et al :)

ta... and your patience is appreciated..


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Thread ideas

Power Supply sizing for different systems.

Video card vs DX version supported.

Recommended brands and why (of everything, MB, Monitor, LCD, etc.)

I'll keep (start?) thinking...


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decent ideas :)

I dunno if we can do an unbiased setup of brands et al so instead of going out on a limb and saying so and so is better than the next perhaps we can setup a list of known GOOD IHV's and AIB's and go from there :)

its a start... keep the suggestions coming...


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The "what's your favorite" votes that are popping up in the forums will do nicely for "recommended brands" threads. They give people a flavor for what is popular and the comments explain why.

Maybe start some for MB's, processors's, etc.


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I will be able to go all out once my gf leaves on sunday :)

I think its only proper for me to spend time with her @ the moment since I hadn't seen her for 3 whole weeks :(

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