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Hardware Profiles Not Creating


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I have a weird issue with a laptop, regardless if it is docked or not it still loads the undocked profile.

Normally, pending the PnP service is running and without error (which it is), it will automatically create a new profile for being in the docked state if it doesn't have a profile for that state before booting. Not really sure why this laptop can't create hardware profiles.

Essentially, when the laptop is docked, none of the USB ports/Ethernet ports are functional since the laptop isn't really seeing it properly.

I know it's not the dock, as I have tried a few different ones so I would think that rules out the hardware issue there. The laptop is up to snuff with regards to patches, BIOS and Notebook System Software. Nothing screwy in the Event Viewer, no errors or anything. Bootlogging doesn't show anything out of the ordinary either - any ideas?


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Well I erased all of the profiles except for the current one, yes. And there in lies the problem, new profiles aren't creating.

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