Hardware Monitoring in BIOS


Kosmas G. Synad

When I used WIN98SE, in the BIOS there was a "Hardware Monitor" page where one could see the parameters on the various system components: System Temperature, CPU temp. voltages, current drawn,etc.
I was able to see what the values should be and what they really were as the PC was laboring away. There were two columns side-by-side so I could compare...

I upgraded to Win2K Professional, and now I can only see one column, what the parameters should be(?) not what they really are.

BTW, does anyone knows what would be the symptom(s) if either the CPU or System temperatures were out of limit?
I am getting system "Freezes" when my PC is unattended and Ctrl+Alt+Del does not reboot. I have to shut down.
The funny part is that the system is OK if I keep working away. Only when the PC is idle for more than 15-20 min.. I have set all areas (in settings) to "never" go to sleep...

Anyone knows why?
I thank you
The version of OS you're running shouldn't affect what you see in the bios. My guess is you're referring to a different motherboard's bios monitoring screen. There is software available that will read those values from your OS... MotherBoard Monitor, StatBar, etc.

Check and make sure you don't have hibernation enabled too. Right Click on a blank area of your desktop> properties> 'screen saver' tab> '1power' button> 'hibernate' tab> untick 'enable hibernation.' If hibernation wasn't enabled let me know. Hibernation can be buggy at times and cause the system to freeze up. I doubt if it's a heat issue if it's doing it while the machine is idle... you'll be running warmer when you're actively using it.

Kosmas G. Synad

Monitor Freezes up

I right clicked on the screen--> properties-->screen saver-->
Here I have set: Turn off Monitor? NEVER
Turn off HD? NEVER
I also have set Power Scheme: Power always ON.

I do not see the tab, word, of "Hibernate"

Thanks for your help.
Check the attachment and see if you have what i'm refering too (follow the same path to access it). If it's not visible to you, try logging into the main 'administrator' account. If you're running XP home, you'll need to access this account in safe mode. If you're running XP Pro, at the logon screen hit ctrl+alt+del twice to bring up the logon box... enter the username 'Administrator' and the password for that account and see if it shows up in that account.

Kosmas G. Synad

Monitor "Freezes up"

Let me be a little more specific.
All the "hibenation" and similar settings,
when they are enabled they all, I believe,
turn the Monitor Display "OFF"
and when you press any key the Monitor
resumes operation, etc.
In my case if I am working on a operation
creating, for example, an animation
and leave the PC for 15-20 minutes, when I return
I can still see on the Monitor screen whatever
was displayed before I left the PC unattended. but it is
"Frozen". Not only that but also pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del does
NOT re-boot the system! I have to shut the pc Switch
and turn it back on.

Just a thought: When I was installing (clean instasllation)
WIN2K professional I noticed that my Display Adapter (nVidia Ge Force3 Ti200) was NOT "Digitally Signed" by Microsoft, but I installed that driver because the one offerred by Win2K
made my display only VGA (not 16 bit color)
Somehow I read paste the part that you're running Win2k... my mistake.

Try going into your event viewer and see if there are any clues in there.

Kosmas G. Synad

PC Crashes

Originally posted by Lonman
Somehow I read paste the part that you're running Win2k... my mistake.

Try going into your event viewer and see if there are any clues in there.
I am at a loss as to what to do next..
"The PC crashes", not only that, but pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del does NOT
re-boot the system! I have to shut-down and turn it back on.
Mostly crashes when it is unattended, but today it also crashed when I opened the EVENT VIEWER.

I examined the EVENT VIEWER--> APPLICATION, and every other
line recorded there is an "Error" as:
ERROR Date, Time, Source: Perfctrs
I do not know what this SOURCE of "Perfctrs" is, but when I double-click on it it states:
Unable to read IO control information from NBT device.

ERROR, date, time, Source: True Vector Engine
My PC still has a number of "Not Digitally Signed" drivers, such as:
unist.exe in C;|winnt
oem2.inf "
oem4 "
oem7 "
viamach "
via pdf.sys
but I do not know what installation, of what device, invoked these drivers..
I have an M920 PCCHIPS MB, Pentium IV, 1.4 GHz, VIA823 Northridge CHIPSET,
with GeForce3 Ti200 Display Adapter, 512MB memory, and 3 HD, (@wd and 1 IBM)

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