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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Lowerinfinity, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Im having hdd problems. my hdd has been acting up lately, it reads most f the time but then it will have like a 20 second period when everything will pause and it cant read my hdd. I thought maybe it was getting hot so i bought a fan and heatsink for it and now it runs at 111-117 degrees F. My questions are:

    1. Is that still too hot for it to run? What are the ideal temps?

    2. Could this be a ps problem? I only have a 300w ps.

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    The first thing to do is BACKUP any important data you have.
    and second I would go to the Hard Drives manufactuers web site and download their diagnostic software and test your drive.
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    1. I don't do Fahrenheit, sorry. :) Keep it below 60C, preferrable below 50C, whatever that translates to.

    2. No, very unlikely (99% sure). This sounds very much like a dying hdd. Does it make any funny sounds?
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    what kind of cpu and memory do you run ?

    might not be just the hdd.. but that is a high temp for the hdd... around 50C if my math serves me right...

    you can run diagnostics on the hdd to see if it IS dieing or not.. some mobo's come with SMART enabled via the bios to check the hdd for problems...
  5. im running 768 ddr-sdram and an Athlon XP k-7 t-bird 1.2 cpu

    and no it doesn't make any funny sounds, it just stalls
    my hardrive is only about 2 years old though

    I converted the Farenheight to celsius and it converts to 43-47 degrees celsius
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    you got power saving on by the sounds of it. it makes a funny background beep sound when it initialsies. go power options in cp and turn it off

    its not as if you are gonna go over the 1million hours mttf