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HARDWARE Firewall Advice



First off, I know nothing about firewalls so I need some advice. I am currently looking at investing into a external firewall/router. I've heard good things about Linksys, but don't know what exactly I would to get.

My guess is I need one on this website. Which one do I need exactly?

I have 4 computers needing access to cable internet. They also have to be able to use the same printer. I would also like it if the router/firewall didn't display my actual ip. If I forgot anything else please let me know. Been looking into a firewall/router since Father's Day is coming up. :D


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its pretty easy... a firewall basically makes it harder for anyone to get access to your computer... you can go to various websites and get technical data on that...

I use a linksys router myself and I have no complaints.. it works well and gives me good dl/upload speeds...

for your 4 pc's get a 4 port router... or if you expect more pc's get the 8 porter... but its going to cost more...

doesn't really matter about the router you will get.. you have the basic routers which should have built-in firewalls or you can get the fancier ones... however software can also be used to provide some of the funtionality that the upperend routers provide and might be cheaper.. entirely your choice :)

as for your printer... connect it to one pc and share it on the LAN that you will have created... its that simple really... there are wizards that can guide you through the process of setting up a home network and there is text also that will do the same..

the only thing you have to remember is to follow a naming convention that is consistent...

forgot to ask you though.. are you using broadband or dial-up :)

moot point really...

hope this helps... routers rock btw :D


I have cable. I was using a 3Com Home Gateway, which I did NOT like. Only thing that I did like about it was the fact that it had a printer port on it, so I wouldn't have to connect the printer to a pc. I would prefer not to use a software firewall in conjunction with a hardware firewall. What model linksys do you have? Just want to see what features and specs it has. Thanks for the info so far.


Linksys BEFSR41 is cool! lots o features.... but if you want it fancier.... try the BEFSX41:D


Looking at the BEFSX41 now. So this one will allow for online gaming for multiple pcs from the same ip and not have problems?


i believe that within your LAN network, all your computers will have diff IP's ... the router only mask this making you appear to the world as having only one IP.... if your talking about your computers joining the same internet game, well im sure the router is smart enough for that... i hope ^^

You can ask them (linksys) that question instead, im sure the'll accomodate you nicely since you're buying a not so cheap piece of their hardware ...

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