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hardware failure detector


The One and Only
kinda seemed like the correct topic to put it under.

Anyone know of an app that can tell me if a piece of hardware has been slightly damaged or if it is not working to it's full potential (which would probably kinda be the same thing)? For some reason, after the few overheats i had due to paint particles in my case, now most of the games i play seem..... well...... choppy, when they never were before. even WoW is choppy at some points, and that's not an extremely heavily graphically intense game.
And if the benchmark completes and the numbers look ok then download sisoft sandra and run burn in on your various hardware one peice at a time and see if anything starts getting degraded or crashes.

You can do the same by running the video benchmark multiple times to drive temperatures up but it won't tell you which peice is crapping out.


The One and Only
....oh yeah..... i think my CPU kinda kicked it. ran the CPU Arithmetic benchmark thing in Sandra 2005........ my P4 2.4C that i currently have overclocked to 3.0 has lower numbers than a standard P4 2.4B, and is showing that it's performing at about half of what a standard P4 3.0C performs at. so yeah...... think i'ma need a new one.


The One and Only
just as some visual backup...... yeah...... it's kinda slightly toasted.

1st result = my processor
2nd = about where it's performing
3rd = what it should at LEAST be, especially cause of the fact that the P4 2.4B is the one with the 533 fsb, mine is the 800 fsb
4th = where i'd assume it should actually be since mine is a 2.4C that i oc'd to 3.0..... and the 4th one is a 3.0C
5th = not really important in this example.



The One and Only
eeh...... i probably would...... but that'd more than likely wind up being more money than just buying a new, faster processor. that and the fact that if i did go AMD, i'd probably get a nice A64.... but then i'd also want PCI-Express..... which would lead to me needing a new video card too....... just too complicated. i don't even know if i'll be able to get a new processor yet.

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