Anyone have this problem? I re-formatted my HD and when trying to re-load the OS the setup stops and it says there is a disc cache utility running and Scandisk can only run with MSDOS 5 or higher. I was running ME and wanted to go back to 98SE. I have a Samsung 10.2 gig HD and I can load DOS 6.22. I then re-format the drive and the same thing happens. Is this a problem with FAT 32? It is Scandisk that is stopping the setup. Scandisk says everything is fine with the drive. I've removed the partitions and used Samsung disc manager to format the drive but the stoppage persists. Any help?

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If you are trying to load xp put it in & boot up using the CD rom to boot first in the bios. Choose the format option there & follow the instructions.
Forget that. Just saw you want to go back to 98. Try f disking the hard drive using the boot floppy to clear everything up.


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Windows Me is retarded I could never seem to format ME with a ME bootdisk (go figure??) Try using a windows 98 bootdisk to format the drive. If you don't have one goto http://bootdisk.com they have one u can download.

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