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I'm about to format one of my harddrives (C:) and to back up the data I deleted unnecessary files on drive D: and tried to back up the data there. Now the problem is that to back up the data I need more free space (that's why I deleted the unnecessary files). When I have deleted the files and tried to move data from C: to D: Windows XP said no. That's because the harddrive had not updated the free space stats, i.e. there is more free space that's not visible.

My D: drive has 111 Gb of storage and windows says that it's only 2,37 Gb free, although I have deleted files so that the entire space taken by other files is only 96 Gb.

The unupdated harddrive stats makes Windows not allow my copy, even if I have enough space. Does anyone know how to update the harddrive stats?

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Make a folder, right click on it/properties/general/advanced. Tick compress contents. Put your files in there. They might move if they are compressed. :confused:


Long gone and now back!
Well, as I stated I have 2,37 Gb free that I can use, and the data that are to be backed up is 8,66 Gb so I doubt that compression will do the trick... and if I'm going to format is it wise to compress data (migrating from Windows XP to Windows 2000)?

I guess the disk stats will update eventually but I rather not wait :huh:

And thanks for the help!


Long gone and now back!
Solved it!

Turned out to be Norton Protected Files (saves deleted files for recovery). I used to think that it would keep track of the files but not reserving space for them... well, thanks for the help anyway!

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