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I'm gona go and get a Hard Drive later and add it to my PC cause i got about 15 left i my 40bg 1 and when it get's to 10 my PC goes really slow lol

So wat do i do lol and need do i just buy the H/D and the leads come with it etc cause some1 told me that i might at to get a new FAN but i dont think that is true :rolleyes:


new fan for what?hdd cooling...extra cooling never hurts.
if u gettin a new hdd.....use one of them for storage and reformat old one to clear up all the junk...of course backup whatever u wanted to save first:)


I may actually be insane.
you shouldn't need a new fan, altho you may wish to invest in one as 2 HD units working close together can generate a lot of heat, personaly i didn't get any extra cooling when i added a 2nd drive and everything seems fine.

As for it going slow once you get to 10gb left, have you tried de-fragmenting ??? i know there is a performance dip when a HD fills, but it shouldn't be enough to warrant a new (or additional) drive


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yep thats wat i was gona do but if i get a new 1 can i put the stuff on there. Cause my old 1 has Windows and all the stuff for my PC to run lol so wat would i do????????

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