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HardDrive 8 MB Cache Buffer



Hey all!
I just filled my 40 gig harddrive and i have no more room so i plan on buying a bigger hard drive.
Problem is the $ issue.
Wester digial 100 gig 2mb cahe buffer for sale at $139
Whil a western digital 120 gig 8mb cache buffer for sale at $250.
Thing is i only have 200 buck and dont have a job it will take me 1 or 2 months to come up with 50 buck plus tax if i buy the $250 dollar one.
Question is should i wait for the 8 mb cache buffer or buy the one with the 2mb cache buffer.
Explaing why and 8mb cache buffer is better than an 2mb one, will i see a huge increase in performence. I would ask this question at frys electronics but i dont trust those bastards. I trust on you guys :)

if you are out of room, go ahead and buy the Western Digial 100 gig 2mb cache buffer, unless u want to wait that is.

In most things your not going to see that big of a gain between the two. Go ahead and buy it. My opinion. ;)

our posts crossed at almost same time DaUntouchable, did not see that one, I would buy the one DaUntouchable's pointing out. ;)


You might want to keep an eye on www.techbargains.com for good deals on stuff. Included in today's batch of bargains is one from Dell.com on the Western Digital 120GB HDD w/ 8MB cache for $148 + $5 shipping.


Lists as $185 on Dell's site, but if you start the ordering process, you get an instant 20% dip in the price. I got mine from Dell on a similar deal ~1 month ago and it's worked great. Takes about 2 weeks to ship, but hey...at that price, it's worth the wait. :cool:

P.S. Looks like that 20% dip ends after tonight (6/24/02). If you really want one of these drives and you miss this price, you might just watch techbargains for it to come up again. Seems to run about every 2 weeks or so.

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