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Harddive not showing accurate free space

my secondary drive, which is a 120 gig maxtor, is showing 2 gigs free, when i have deleted over 10gigs of information on it. Anyone know how to fix this other then formating it? becuase thats alot of data to move :/


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Umm.. let's get back to basics..

If you're using a windows OS, have you emptied the recycle bin?
guess i should of said the basics lol, using window xp pro, i have emptied the recycle bin etc, and checked the drive for errors and such. i haven't tried defragmenting yet.
Are you running with NTFS or FAT32? I take it you run NTFS because of the size of the drive, but you never know. :)

The point is I've seen this problem with FAT32 drives. The space is there, it just reads wrong.

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