Hard time POSTing and random resets



I just moved my Biostar M7VIG into a new case and reinstalled XPpro. The mobo ran great when it was in its old case, since I moved it it has trouble POSTing.

When I start up I'll hear a triple beep and then a lower 2 double beep. The HD light will be constantly lit, the CD drives will spin and no video will appear.

If I keep reseting the system it will eventually give me one beep and post and start up fine.

I can then run the computer but every now and again it will randomly reset. After resetting it will offer no beeps or video. If I then manually reset I have to go through the beep series all over again and keep resetting until it decides to POST again.

So far I haven't been able to tell of any pattern or regular occurance for the resets, they don't happen often, but the problem POSTing at startup is pretty constant if I turn my system off or restart.

My CPU temp is around 44C so I don't think that's the problem.

As far as I know everything is securely fastend too, but I'll check again.

I'm running a Duron 950 with 512mb of pc133 ram and an ATI rage fury card.

Any idea what the problem might be?


Forgot to mention, when I finally get my computer to POST and I get into WinXPpro, it gives me the message "Your registry data had to be recovered from a log or backup source, recovery was successful" or something close to that.

Says it everytime I finally get it to POST and startup again.

I checked my memory and cables and they all seem tight.


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Ahh rite I had that error once, when my hard drive was playing up, kept getting freezes and the hard disk light would stay on maybe have a look at ure hard drive?


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