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Hard drives limitation

Hi all, i have a question, is there a way to limit an acess to a hard drive from other users. Like my drive D: has all my songs, pics, vidz and stuff, and if someone logs in as guest he will not be able to acess it


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
sure there is - this is easy
select the folder or better yet the share (need to put your folders in it then) and go to the security tab and remove guest... make sure you tick the box for child folders inheriting or something (I have only done this to allow access in reverse, but must work the other way too, since I was denied access in first place)

voila - done

[EDIT] need to have XP Pro I think, not at all sure aout Home [/EDIT]
Mainframeguy: i tried going to the sharing tab and went to select the box that says do not share with other users but the box seems to be disabled i can't click it

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