hard drive wont partiton

Hi, I have a p5n32-sli deluxe and a pent d and im trying to install 2 maxtor sata drives with the onboard nvidia raid controller and when i go to install windows and go to partition the hdd it goes back to the screen without any partitions. I have updated my bios to the 0308. installed the raid drivers and configured the raid in the bios And I have checked both hard drives and they both work and it will partiton a ide hard drive that I have. And even when i try to do just regular sata without raid it still wont let me partiton a single sata hard drive.
Any help would be much appreciated

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Good grief Charlie Brown
Only thing I can think of is...

are you reinstalling the sata/raid when booting of the cd for the installation of the system?

What OS are you installing?
I'm using xp pro but I have also tryed using home to. And what do you mean am I reinstalling the sata/raid when booting off the cd. I press f6 and then I load the drivers from the floppy. They install fine then once windows is going to install and the screen comes up showing the hard drive and it says 152 un partitoned press c to partiton, I press c it says please wait at the bottom for a bit and then it just goes right back to that screen with it saying un partitoned. And when I put one of the hard drives in another machine and tryed to partiton them it did it in 2 seconds.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Yep that's the way.

Only other thing I can think of is the way they are connected to the board & each other. Sorry. :(

If taking one drive out & getting it working in another system maybe the connections is the thing that is wrong. (Don't understand your last sentence.) :eek:
Yeah I mean that when I put the sata hard drives in another machine it lets me partiton them, and when I put an IDE hard drive in this machine it lets me partiton that. And the thing I dont understand is if it was the connectors or something wouldnt the computer just not read the hard drives at all? Thanks for the replys

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