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Hard drive upgrade.


OSNN Addict
Im about to upgrade from a 20 maxtor to a 40 western digital and i was wondering how hard is it going to be. Plus is there any way to tranfer windows to the new one or is it going to be a hassle?? My last question is if i can make my old hard drive as a slave drive so i can have two??
Thanks in advance!
yes of course old drive can be a slave drive, as far as the transfer goes, usually when u buy a new hard drive it sometimes comes with tools to transfer data from the old drive to the new.



OSNN Addict
thanks iceman for the quick response ! I was just about to start the installation !!:)

I've got this "Data lifeguard tools" disk,do u think that's what it is??


OSNN Addict
The installation went smoth but i ran into a problem, my case is too small for two hard drives. Dam it!
That sounds good Ace123 !
nope just set the jumpers in the back of the drive to slave, but reformat it, no use having Windows XP on both hard drives. Bios should reg it auto



OSNN Addict
I formated the old drive,pluged everything back in(The old one as the slave) and everything is working great !:)
Thanks a lot iceman !

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