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I got a western digital 250gig hard drive for xmas. Well when i hooked it up, the bios recognizes the 250 gig HD, the exact amount, but windows XP doesnt. It says i have a 137 gig HD. I have used partition magic also and it shows 137gigs. I origionally had it on a IDE controller card and since took it off and put it direct to the IDE channel on the motherboard. Any ideas on how do i get windows to notice the full amount?
Urgent!!Please help.

Hey friend,I have the same problem with you with the 250G WD HD.Can yoou tell me what to do exactly to solve it??
I have to reinstall winXP with SP1 with to work properly?


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You need a minimum of Windows XP SP1. I'd suggest, of course, installing SP2, because SP1 is obsolete.



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Steevo said:
You will need to have SP1 or SP1a in XP for it to access over 137Gb.
Also depending on the age of your motherboard you may need to update your bios. Check your motherboard makers website if SP1 (you should do SP2) doesn't fix your problem.

*edit* - sorry I missed the part where you said your bios sees it. :dead:
Thanks guys,I'll try this.
My motherboard (ASUS P5P800)does support HD over 137G,the PC is brand new.
Do I have to reinstall my current WindowsXP or just install SP1 or SP2?


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SP2 has been successfully installed over existing installations with good performance. SP1 tends to bring your installation to a crawl and people, like myself, had to reformat. :p



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If it doesn't, check out "Disk Management." It may not have formatted anything over 137 GB, but Disk Management will show you the entire drive.


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