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20 Feb 2004
over the weekend my 200gb HDD died and now im and stuck with a dead hard drive with all my data on it. I have tried to revive it, but it will not work. the head keeps smacking the platters (clicking noise). so my question is: what company does data recovery of a drive for the smallest cost? what is the procedure that they use? how do they return my data? (DVD-R or something). so far i have looked at Vogon International http://www.vogon-international.com and their price is $95.00 for a 2-3 day recovery. Also, as a general question, do companies look at the data they are taking off? I have some secure and some private data on there that i don't want looked at.

Thank you all
chance is they will look, and the price is good, you could wrap it well and pop it in the freezer overnight, or the drop it from a few inch onto its belly method to try and allow data recovery. if you do try and it works, dont think for a min the drives ok, just a matter of time till it craps out again :)
like wrap it bubble wrap and put it in the freezer? i think i will try that, and if that dosn't work i'll try dropping it on its belly.
well so long as its sealed air tight, you dont want any condensation getting in, dropping it probbaly wont work as you can hear the heads moving, but freezing it will allow any broken solder to shrink back together :)

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