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Hard-Drive Question



Hey, i'm going to go buy a 40Gb hard-drive tomorrow and I want to know if anyone has any suggestion on which brand is better.

Here are my current options:

IBM 41.0GB 7200rpm - $116 (CDN)
Maxtor 40.0GB 7200rpm - $120 (CDN)
Seagate 40.0GB 7200rpm - $120 (CDN)
Western Digital 40GB 7200rpm - $124 (CDN)

All prices are in Canadian figures.

I don't have any other info on these hard-drives, thats all they show on their site. I plan on making this hard-drive combine with another one with raid 0 enabled l8ter on.

So should i wait and buy two identical drives at the same time??? or can I buy different brands, with different storage capacities??? I am asking because i think i read somewhere that if you have 2 hard-drives with raid 0 enabled, each hard-drive will obtain the lowest storage capacity of the two involved.

eg: one 40gb and one 20gb, the 40gb would go down to 20gb...
I'd wait and buy two indentical drives. My preference is the GXP120 series IBM drives. Never had a problem with mine to date and is an excellent performer. Identical drives are preferred for Raid array.



I plan on moving my current 20gb to my old p2 so I can network my two computers. I can always buy one hard-drive now and an identical one l8ter. Anyway, I want preformance for mainly internet games. So all i want to know if which of the 4 brands are known to build soilid hard-drives that offer great preformance.

also: ATA100 vs ATA133???
and in Raid config: Desktop vs Server vs Editing(Audio/Video)

yawn... i'll have to do some reading on raid stuff before i head out 2morrow.
from ide usuage expience (scsi is different):
1. seagate
2. maxtor
3. ibm
4. western digital (wont use one even if given to me)

ata133 is of course better than ata100 if you have the hardware to support it. if you get ata133 drives and dont they will run at whatever speed hardware is

in raid configuration you can only make it as big as the smallest partition -in hardware raid thats all it sees unless the hardware alows you to use rest as other partition the inexpensive raid1/0 cards might not, -in a software raid you could use rest of bigger disk as another partition but that would hinder raid performance



Well just got myself a Maxtor 40.98 gig 7200RPM ATA133 for $140 (CDN)

Anyways, how do i know if my hard-drive is operating at ATA133 not ATA100???

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