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Hard Drive Question



i have 2 hard drives in my pc now, one is a wd 30gig and the other is a 100gig wd. i have an extra 30gig wd laying around i would like to put in. how can i do this, what would i need to buy(be specific) and i am running a p4 1.7ghz and 1.0gig of ram, with a ASUS p4t motherboard. will my motherboard support another hard drive? thanks

my main drive is one 30gig western digitial 7200rpm ata 100. my secondary drive(server) is a 100gig western digitial 7200rpm ata 100. and yes both cd drives are plugged in. now with my extra 30gig western digitial 7200 rpm ata 100 is the same exact hard drive. i want the 30gigs to be my 1 and 2 hard drives and my 100 gig to be my 3rd. when using one of these ide controllers, does that slow down the hard drive any runnnig from a pci slot?
you'll just need a IDE ata100 controller card. I peronsally like promise but thats just a opinion thing. and now it shouldn't slow down anything, except boot time if the boot drive is on that cable as the card has to initialize also.


The Analog Kid
I had a siig card and even if the boot drive was on my MOBO, it still showed a marked increase in boot time. It was just the card. Once I removed it, it was fine.
an add in card that doubles as a controller is always going to increase your boot time as it has to search for drives and initialize any found..no real way around it, sorry man.

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