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Hard Drive problem help please


Nissan Powered
My computer turned off while another computer on my network was ripping an ISO to its hard drive, now the partition that the iso was ripping to can't be opened, is the drive #@%ed or is there anyway to get back on it? I would really hate to lose all the stuff on it considering it was a 50gig full of mp3's and movies of mine.

any programs? utils anything!?!?! please some one!!!


yo hipster....don't wanna upset you or anything but your avatar is annoying me bigtime....is that your face there? (the movement freaks me out man)
Try these links for data recovery






All seem to have a free trial or are read only but hopefully you might find one that is able to show that your files are still there..... or not.

Hope you get your files as i lost a full 80Gig drive not so long ago (Oh the Pain..:mad: )


Nissan Powered
the virtual labs one is the only one that can show me my files but they want 195 bucks for the first GB and 1 for each addition gig that I save wtf kind of rip off is that #$^#


Nissan Powered
windows says that the file system is "raw" it used to be NTFS now I can't get to any files on the drive and every pc I have has XP on it.


Kicker of Elves
I had a similar problem.. I was defragging and i left the computer overnight.. i woke up.. and my fat table was fizzle fried.. the data was on there but it was allll garbage..


Nissan Powered
yah but these programs say they can get the info off, just they will only do it for like 220 bucks I don't have that kind of money, I just need one that can do it for free.


i've got something, but not sure

I've once got that problem on my computer too, but here i go. First of all, I've got this program called GOBACK!. This program was installed before this mess comes up then i use goback to go all the way 1month along. I got my thigns back completely in order. If it still happen and you installed the GOBACK before it happen then you're a good luck guy. If not! here's a little tip and trick, but it only work soemtimes and depend on the harddrive. Push your harddrive all the way, not too hard. The handle should stuck and be readed when you try to send the item or when you still doing something. This is important because sometime, the harddrive might *&^^&^@. Well, good luck!:cool:


Nissan Powered
Bah I'm just about ready to write it off I gave up a day ago can't find anything to get my stuff off for free so I guess I just have to bend over on this one. :(

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