Hard drive overheating?


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I'm completely guessing at this point. Anyway, right before completing a quest in Oblivion, my pc shutdown and wouldn't come back up. I opened the case and everything looked good, all my connections were seated fine but both my SATA1 hd's were HOT. I could touch them but not for long. I left the case open for a while and restarted and now it works. Could that be it? If so how do I fix it? I've already got 2 case fans and unless I cut a hole I've got no more room.

Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks.


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Get something to monitor the SMART data from your drive, and see how hot the drives are. Anything above 35C is really not all that great, and the higher it gets the worse it could be.

In my desktop I had a cooling problem, and my PC would shut down when the HD's got to 55 C, by that time the inside of the case was 50 C, and the CPU was 72C. I could almost cook an egg in my case :p. I added a fan on the side blowing in, and all is good now.


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that would work but it only fits one drive. you could go and try one see if it helps your overall temp.

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Admiral Michael said:
51c here, but I have a laptop. Not much I can do :p

I hope laptop drives can take more heat. :s
Laptop hard drives can take more heat, since they are in an enclosed space they are built for it. As for 51, damn, that is quite a bit.

Mine is currently at 41 C.
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