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Hard Drive Noise??



I've had my Maxtor 60Gb drive for roughly 4 months and all is well.... however lately i noticed while scanning for viruses etc or searching certain parts of my C: Drive the HD is making different noises to usual!!

Everydrive makes noise loading etc but the noises it makes in certain parts have changed... but then while loading other data it is normal??

Is this an indication my drive id dying??

thx for any help!!!


My maxtor 40gb drive started making funny noises before it went ga ga

Strangely enough windows xp reported a potential problem even before the SMART test in the bios did!

make sure you check these, as I have learnt not to ignore windows for a change!

in any case do all the standard hdd tests using maxtor software just to check, and email their site, if problems persist.


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Aussie, do a full surface scan and see how many BAD SECTORS you get. Then do it again. If the amount of BAD SECTORS grows in number then it's dieing. The surface scan will take awhile so don't stop it mid way and make sure that you're not running any other progs (anti virus, weather prog, desk top calender, or any thing else...) in the background. Also check your Power Supply (PSU),to see if it's being taxed too much or if it's failing. Also air circulation, clean the fans on the PSU and check temps on or around the HD. Bad circulation and heat will kill it for sure.

Good Luck.

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