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Hard drive help...please read and help



Please help.

My friend has a 20 GB hard drive that has been partitioned into 2. The 'c' drive which has the operating system on needs to be reformatted and then I need to reinstall Windows on it. I need to do this because the computer has had loads of problems.

Please can someone talk me through on how to do this or give me a link that tells me what to do? I have never done this before so I am unsure what to do.

Please help.

Thank you

Please help me.

I take it he has XP? In that case:

Put the XP CD in and reboot from it. Enter the installation. Choose not to repair. When it asks you for which partition to install on, choose the correct on (make sure!). Then select Format with NTFS (quick). After that it's installation as normal.
Here's Help

Make a Win98 boot disk OR - If your friends comp supports booting from the CDRom try that (enabled from the BIOS)... I believe that the Win98 CD was bootable
Boot into DOS with CDRom support using the boot disk (or CD) and take note of which drive letter was assigned to the CDRom
Figure out which drive has windows installed on it
Type "dir c:\ /w/ad" - This will list all directories on c: - See if it has a "Windows" and "Program Files" directory... If it does then it is most likely the drive you want to format. If not repeat until you find the right drive
Type "format c:\" w/o quotes (or whichever drive you figured out it was)
Type "e:\" after inserting the Win98 CD and after the format is done (or whichever drive letter was assigned to the CDRom)
Type setup
Follow the prompts for setting up Win98


Disregard everything I just said and install XP IF your friend's computer meets the requirements and do what Zedric said

If it doesn't then disregard what I just said and do what I first said :D:D


If I was to get a Windows xp disc and do it the way Zedric said. Would it write over windows 98 because I would not need that on the c drive.

If it didn't how would i get rod of 98

Please help
yes the xp will ask where you want to put it and then if you want to format or not and how(fat 32 or ntfs, go with ntfs) all as your loading from cd

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