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hard drive cooling question



whats the advantage to cooling my hard drives? i have a spare 80mm fan and my case has room for 4 in the front of the case to blow cool air against my harddrives. so what would having cool air on my harddrives do for me? faster? quiter? etc.. thanks


i did some searching lol, i really dont need cooling since they are only 5400 i guess. so with this spare 80mm fan, i have it sitting on my HD facing my video card as so:
videocard _ _airflow _ _ _ fan
===== _ _ _ <---- _ _ _ _ _||
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _+++ <hard drive

think thats efficent cooling for my video card?


hardware monkey
those ones on teh front of your case are primarily intake fans... where you'd wantto pull air into your case so it can go over your components and out the back. it's also a convenient place for the hd racks. and cooling your hd will just give it a longer life. not necessary with 5400rpm's, though. but feel it after your computer's been running a while... if it feels pretty warm, there wouldn't be any harm in placing that fan in front of your hd instead of on top of it.

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