Hard drive clone of some kind


Nissan Powered
6 Apr 2002
I'm looking for some software that will let me create and restore an image of a hard drive i have partition magic but im not sure if the copy drive option is what im looking for if I did copy the drive to another drive would that drive be bootable? Anyways some help would be nice, thanks guys.
Norton Ghost maybe what you're looking for.
I've imaged a parition before, but not a whole drive so not too sure if there is a difference there.
The imaged partition (when restored) is bootable as it contained all the boot files and stuff in it.
I dont know if I have a recent enough version around this dump that supports windows xp do you know of any that have like a free trial or somthing I cant justify the price tag to back up and restore one time only.
This should help you out. Its Freeware and I have used it and works great.
here is the link Clone Maxx :)
i cant seem to get the imaged drive to work I thinking cuzz its smaller in physical size then the other. but its big enough to fit everything I want to move over. any other sugestions?
Krux said:
i cant seem to get the imaged drive to work I thinking cuzz its smaller in physical size then the other. but its big enough to fit everything I want to move over. any other sugestions?


essentially what the imaged drive is for, is to reload the image onto the same computer. if you're trying to use it to swap the drive to a second computer, it's not going to work at all. as far as size goes, the drive that holds the image only needs to be roughly 1/3 of the size of the drive you're making the image of. also, in my experience, the drive that is holding the image has to be an actual second drive, not a partion of the drive that you're imaging.

I've used True Image and Ghost (current choice is Ghost). both are very easy IMO.
im not trying to copy windows to another computer i know that wont work I'm tryoing to copy windows to a new hard drive for the same computer and i cant get it to work in other words new hard drive same computer want to keep same information as last hard drive then ditch it.
Krux if the drives are WD then use their utility disk. I copy my partitions to the upgrade disk about avery 6 months. And make bootable backups regularly. It even lets you resize the partitions downward if necessary.

I've had mediocre results with Partition Magic and Ghost. Sometimes windows will not recognize the new disk.

Warning: Once the copy is made never boot with the new and old system disk installed at the same time. When I did this windows tromped on the track 0 and made one or both unusable. I had to do a track 0 restore (from the WD boot disk).

I have a zipped copy posted in a recent post on OSNN for someone else if you need to burn a floppy or bootaable CD. I'll go find the link to the files.
no.... dang it!! one is a seagate ewwwww and the other is a maxtor
Bummer, I just found the link too :(


I know it does not work with other brands (I tried).

Plan B is check if the new drive maker has a similar boot floppy posted. Or visit the big "K" for a demo version of Partition Magic or Ghost... I didn't say that!
I worked it out since the new drive was smaller I had to just use partition magic and make the old one the same size cuzz it wouldn't copy right when one was bigger then the other. thanks for the help guys.

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