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Hard Drive Backup Software


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Hi all
I have Norton Ghost 2003 which does a good job of backing up my hard drive. I backup to my 2nd hard drive, N\Ghost spans it across 7 sections, is this advisable, it seams to work ok and i can open it in Ghost Explorer if i need to restore a folder or file.

I have heard that N\Ghost v9 can do this without having to reboot the computer. but I have also been told that you cannot use Norton Ghost v9 at that moment because the operating system isn't usable. You have to use the Ghost168 bootdisk if you want to do this. Does this mean you cannot make a bootdisk in N\Ghost v9, and use it when your computer crashed?. i don't understand that.

If this is the case what is the point of a backup program if you cannot use it when your computer won't boot into windows. The main reason to Backup a Disk is to save the Operating System and restore it in case of a complete crash of your computer.

What do you recommend is the best software for this job, and also to use the explorer option,
if it's Norton Ghost which version is the best.

see ya

my computer runs WinXP-SP2, 2-200gb hard drives,AMD-3300, 1024mb ram, GeForce FX5800, and is also networked to 2 other computers.


Overclocked Like A Mother
I think the intent is when your machine crashes, you do a fresh install of Windows, then install the Ghost proggy, then use the proggy to install your backup CD's. This operates differently from System Restore, where you can accomplish backing up to a working Windows within a bootable, but not working very well Windows.

As for backup proggies, I used the builtin WinXp backup utility. never had a problem with it. It is basic, but it does the job, and it is builtin.



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Sorry Heeter but i don't understand what you mean, I am talking about Norton Ghost which i use to make a Ghost Image of my first H\D which is saved to my 2nd H\D, I don't backup to CD's and I don't use XP Pro's backup or System restore as i find these are not very good as i have my hard drives partitioned into 4 drives which i think sometimes confuses system restore. "in the past when i have tried to use s\r it won't work for some reason"

The reason I use Norton Ghost 2003 is that if my computer crashes, I just use the Norton Ghost 2003 boot disk "floppy" to boot into Norton Ghost 2003 then do a restore of my H\D-1 with the image i have stored on H\D-2.

Is the above possible to do in Norton ghost v9. Is it possible to make a boot disk "floppy" in Norton ghost v9

see ya

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
I dont know about the V9 thing but if you have a version that works right now. What is the point in paying for another version of the same thing. I use nortons ghost and have for years making the backup image you do and using a floppy is fine and it works.


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Last used Ghost 2003 to backup in Windows then access the same to restore the copy from Ghost Floppy or cd boot.
All previous versions of Ghost seem to use the principle of pc dos or similar ,to access backup .
Are you saying they have dropped this method ?
You shouldnt need to reinstall to access the backup.

Windows XPs ASR backup formats C drive ,and can access the backup from another partition if stored there, or from a CD.

By the way you can use ASR to backup you system partition, and then use the normal backup portion of the programme to back up other partitions... thus giving you a complete backup in segments,as mentioned by Heeter.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks Tweakfiend,

That's exactly what I meant.

Sorry I misunderstood about the second HD, though. I assumed you creating CD.



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I have found some info about N\Ghost v9, it your interested. (I have nothing to do with this website).
here: http://xtramsn.co.nz/technology/0,,7003-3584187,00.html

seams like i have been given wrong info about N\Ghost v9.

as you say if N\G 2003 works ok why change.
but i do like the idea that you can now create backup images without restarting their computer.
thanks for your comments guys

Dennis T

OSNN Junior Addict
For backups I use PQ Drive Image. Friendlier than ghost. Have a small additional boot partition on a second HD... boot from that (swtich in bios) then image my main drive to the second drive.. Makes it real easy if anything major goes wrong...I also Iamge the small boot partition from my main drive !!

As you may guess, I have had a few major hD failures in the past !!

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