Hard disk speeds, will u see a diffrence?


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Ok I am thinking of getting a new hard drive for Xmas and have noticed that there are now 7200 RPM speed hard drives compared to the normal 5400 RPM that most shops still sell.

Should I fork out the extra money to get a faster hard drive or is it point-less? I mean will I see any diffrence in computer performance if I get a faster one.

If it were 10800 RPM u would notice a diffrence, but a 1800 RPM increase is not a lot.
Built a few machines in my time and it really depends on the make as much as the speed. The ultimate is an IBM deskstar while the pits is the likes of excelstore and western digital. Spend a sensible amount of money and you should be ok.
I have used a lot of IBM deskstars and they just keep breaking and are so noisy .... :(

I have sent them back, get a replacement , 2 months later "click , Click , click "

they are terrible ...

I now use maxtor 7200rpm and not a problem since
Funny, Had a few maxtors do exactly what you just described, must be down to personal experience.

IBM deskstars are great drives, but, like any drive, can have their share of problems...a perfect example of which is that IBM is currently being sued over the Deskstar 75GXP...they work fine for some people, but enough people have had enough problems with drive failure and important data loss due to design flaws in that drive, that IBM is being sued over it. Also, I differ on that IBM Deskstar's are the best...I'll take a Seagate Barracuda drive over IBM any day of the week (in fact...I did!) I have a 60gig Seagate Barracuda as my C: drive (OS, apps and games) and twin Maxtor 40gig (ATA100) drives on a RAID card for digital video. I also have twin maxtor 30gig drives in my other video editing machine, and I happen to love the Maxtor drives. Never had problems with them...fast, sturdy, relatively quiet and a great price to boot. (btw - twin EIDE 7200rpm ATA100 drives on a RAID card (stripe) is faster than scsi (solo) and cheaper to set up as well)

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