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Happy New Year!


I may actually be insane.
kill this tommorow morning or something
Will do :) .. merge with really long thread or summat :p

Its been 2003 for 5 hours here, nothing new or exciting happened yet.... theres still time before 2004 tho *waits*
lol waiting allready speedy?! :)

I'm a bit...drunk but not really, wine and vodka and fizzy apple cider. But all is well :)
Wishing everyone the best of times! :blink:

Come on people, lighten to everyone, and let's have this year be a bit better then the rest.
:happy: Have a good time! I feel the need for posting, although honestly, I think I drank too much!

That bottle of California Muscat wine , by V Sattui Winery " established over 100 years ago " along with apple cider, and a shot of vodka. too much.
bleh. I had coffee, with cake, and it was really good cake. really, really good cake.

then I had chocolate...lots of it.

then more coffee...then a few bathroom trips, then i hit the wine...oh i hit it too hard i thinks.


I may actually be insane.
I remember a few years ago with friends, sat in his lounge drinking copious amounts of beer for about 4 hours, none of us thought we where drunk, then we stood up :D :D
it wasn't that bad...i can walk around and ****, but i feel like too warm you know

that sounds like a quality moment speedy...

it's only 18% alcahol, but its a big new bottle, now empty, and some vodka. heh. i'm done. eh.


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Hey Nick didn't you know that Wine and Apple Cider don't mix... The Apple Cider's got a nasty kick to it.:p

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