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Happy joy 5mb from my isp..

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
drz01 said:
$50 cnandian month, must buy the modem for a one time charge of $80
50CND= 30.5€ (euros)
Comme in France instead, for 29.99€ (49.16CND), 5Mbits also, but modem included for free (as long you keep the suscription), plus telephone over ip and cable-like tv.
An all-in-one offer I'm proud of for once (Froggyland being a bit late technology speaking) :D


I may actually be insane.
Unleashed said:
A bit late :eek:
In England we're paying £32 (48.6305 EUR) a month for just 1mbps!
Haven't even got 2mbps available for use yet... :(
2mb has been available via ADSL for a long time now, and as milecastle pointed out, 6mb is available in certain area's. If you're in a cable area, you can also get 3mb.
I'm with Zen, and was told that we couldn't have 2mbps for home use for a while yet...
I live in Norwich, which isn't technologically outward, and I live near enough to the city centre (ok 3 miles, but who's counting :p) to be viable for higherspeed.
i am rather enjoying my ISP now. Started out with what i think was like less than 1Mbps....... now it's up to 3Mbps. and the kicker is.... my parents are still payin teh same price. think it's like $30 US or some junk


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In England we're paying £32 (48.6305 EUR) a month for just 1mbps!
Hey, here in Luxembourg we get 256kbits/128kbits AND a traffic-limit for 10Gigs/month for that same price! Wish I could live in a country where there wasn't only one telephone company who abuses it's monopol. It's even worse than MS in my opinion....Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this is the DSL subscription price per month only and that you need another telephone subsciption which comes for 25EUR?

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