Happy Holidays!


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Just wanted to start a thread about to say Happy Holidays and what do u plan on doing this thanksgiving.

As for me i skipped school today :) and i gotta go to my dads tonight and have thanksgiving there tomorrow. After the dinner i hope to get back before 10 to watch the Seinfield Reunion. This weekend i will prob just sit around and eat the left over turkey.


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lol...yeah but there was no need to go to school since it was a half day and we were gonna watch thanksgiving movies in 4th 5th and 6th hour.


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TittleBitties said:
lol...yeah but there was no need to go to school since it was a half day and we were gonna watch thanksgiving movies in 4th 5th and 6th hour.

good ol public education ;)
So what are everyone's plans for the long weekend?

Mine started this morning, actually. Had a few busy weeks at uni, so I just took today's day off to relax a little. Going to visit my cousins for lunch tomorrow, so that should be fun. The rest of the weekend will be spent coding - have a nice long Python project waiting for me.


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i'm probably the only one that says the holidays can bite me. no longer in school, so no off days to look forward too. not working, so.....same thing. on top of that, i ordered a nice Ultra X-Connect (one shiny bastard that is) power supply on tuesday that is probably less than 4 and a half hours away from my house, and won't be here till TUESDAY!!!!! i mean what the h*ll is UPS's problem?


The One and Only
because. they want me to wait that damn long..... that delivery driver can have a nice drive. i can wait. waiting for my Antec Cobra Cable too.

edit: on a side note.... jus got the tracking number for said Cobra cable. that's not due to arrive until Tuesday either. so they BETTER not be late.

on a somewhat funny note...... think i might have to have my camera ready. would be quite funny if both the UPS delivery person (with my power supply) and the FedEx delivery person (with the cobra cable) get here at the EXACT same time. have 2 delivery trucks sitting in my driveway. wonder if they'd give each other an evil look. *ponders* would be even funnier if both drivers wind up being good friends. then i'd probably wind up with 2 delivery trucks in my driveway for about a half hour.
so would i. i'm kinda anticipating that too. probably gonna get up at like 10am and set the camera by the front window, and not be in a far away room just in case. sittin in the living room with the french doors closed... can't hear a damn thing from the front of the house if it's outside. my brother even ordered a Banks power kit for his diesel Dodge Ram, never heard the delivery truck pull up, never heard him put the packages on the front porch, never heard him leave. brother called and asked if his kit came, i told him no as i walked to the front of the house, told him yes right after arriving at the front door. pondering of exactly where the time went immediately followed. /me prays the same thing don't happen on Tuesday, mostly cause he will probably have to sign for the power supply from UPS

edit: nother update on my situation. just checked my tracking numbers again. now, my power supply AND my cobra cable are about 1 AND A HALF HOURS away. STOOOOOOOOOPID holidays. If my mom woulda let me order it the day before like i wanted to, i might have gotten it today, but NOOOOOO. pfft. my Power Supply is sitting in in Harrisburg, PA since about 11PM, and my cobra cable is now probably somewhere between Newark, NJ, and me, since it supposedly left Newark at like 9:30PM. Either that or they scanned it's departure from Newark before they should have. PLUS, in the info for my cobra cable from fedex, it says it should arrive on Tuesday.... by 4:30PM!!!! it better not arrive at 4:30.


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lol...i usually never here the ups dude come either. I usually just here him leave. My friends uncle works for Fedex and he says u can go on vacation pretty much for free cause u can find a package thats going to a place u want and take a ride with that plane. He says he did it a few times. He also said u get paid really well and have good benefits. Then pay for everything when they send u out on training. I am thinking about being a Fedex or A UPS man :).


Elemental Dragon - this is a biased question - as I work for the US Postal Service - but did you ever request it be sent USPS rather than UPS or FedX?? USPS is delivering this Friday and always on Saturdays - so next time - it might be to your advantage to insist they ship it USPS.

I have emailed companies who have not offered USPS as an option and questioned them about shipping USPS - they tell me they do not use USPS - I tell them thank you - I'll buy from someone else who does. Not so much because I work for USPS - but because I also hate no Saturday delevery!!:D


Electronic Punk said:
So you guys get today, tomorrow and the weekend off?
It all depends on where you work! The US Postal Service returns to work and delivers on Friday and Saturday (as usual). Some places shut down for the 4 days - others do not.

BTW - The Friday after Thanks giving Day is "the biggest shopping day of the year". Our daily newspaper had more sales fliers in it today than it had news! All kinds of sales starting at 6 AM tomorrow! I plan on sitting home and staying out of those crazy peoples' way!:D

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