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Happy Birthday, Zedric!

Thanks guys! After beginning the morning with three auto-generated greetings (and nothing else) this thread is a pick-me-upper. ;)

But then again, most of friends greeted med yesterday at my birthday party. :) I had tons of fun and I'm not hung over at all. This rocks! :)

And tonight it's party #2. I'm such an alcoholic. :D

I notice apgill has a birthday as well. Happy brithday man! I'm still confused why you just repped me for a post I made Jan 13th 2002 (must have been one of my first posts ever!). ;)
Thanks again everyone! :)

Omg this has been some weekend. The party on Friday was such a blast. I met a brittish girl (Liverpool medical student I think, anyone got contacts there?) who was really nice, but sadly she was going back home on Monday. Saturday was terrific too, with dinner and stuff (paella and one hell of a cake). But the club we were at played lousy music so that kinda sucked.

I've eaten cake three times just today! Breakfast was cake, then once at my parent's and then one last time with some friends watching a movie tonight. The one and the same cake too all three times! But now it's all gone and good riddens to it! :D

I'm affraid to look how much weight I've gained. ;)

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